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*Suicide Among Veterans and Other Americans 2001–2014, Office of Suicide Prevention
Team Fidelis Logo

You can help us save a life, it starts with Awareness, Hope and Camaraderie.


Our Mission is to provide immersive experiences for our heroes designed to eliminate isolation, foster hope, and build camaraderie; eradicating suicide by creating lives of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.


We Are Team Fidelis

Shield and Star


Team Fidelis brings Awareness to our community about the 20 veterans we lose to suicide every day.*

We are the boots on ground in the community connecting with our heroes and their families where they are.

Whether this is at a veteran-centric event, parade, festival, 5k, job fair , gun show or walking a homeless camp.  We understand as we are veterans the importance of being visible and available to our veterans.


Connecting with them on their terms in  an open and safe environment  allows us to engage without any preconceived feelings or thoughts. Providing us an opportunity to truly speak to their heart to not only educate them about what is available to them; but more importantly to let them know there is Hope.

Shield and Start


Providing Hope to our veterans is our top priority.  When a service member or veteran joins Team Fidelis they are connected with a Veteran Navigator(VN).


Our VNs are the lifeblood of our organization.  The all have 'lived experience' and are in recovery themselves; which allows them to connect with their brothers and sisters in a way no one else can.


They are there to 'walk side by side' with our service members and veterans to help identify barriers to care and to find resources that are  the most effective for that veteran as no one program, therapy or group is right for every veteran.   


Additionally, as they walk with them through their journey, they provide that warm hand off to other services as they transition back into the community.


Finally, this is not a one and done scenario, the bond that is built between them reinforces the sense of camaraderie and brotherhood that only exists between those who have served.  It might be a month, a year or a few years but that bond is eternal and our VNs are always standing by to serve those who have served.

Shield and Star


It is forged through the trials, tribulations and history we share. It binds us together in a way that cannot be explained. It is what most veterans will tell you they miss most about their time in uniform.

Team Fidelis honors that kinship in every facet of what we do.  As we mentioned it defies explanation and many times it is misunderstood as to why we call each other names while smiling and hugging, it is just part of who we are and the bond we share.

We challenge you to join us and to learn and experience that uncompromising commitment to another.  Join us and you will begin to understand the depths of what it means to have served together.   

They need your support, are you ready to Be There for them?

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