*Suicide Among Veterans and Other Americans 2001–2014, Office of Suicide Prevention

We Are Team Fidelis


Team Fidelis brings Awareness to our community about the 20 veterans we lose to suicide every day.* We participate in community events, host our own events and provide training to the community through Mental Health First Aid Classes. This open and welcoming environment allows us to engage veterans, their family, friends and the general public; providing an opportunity to not only educate and train them but more importantly to let them know there is Hope.


Providing Hope to our veterans is our top priority. We ensure every veteran is paired with a Veteran Specialist (VS), As partners, the VS and the veteran work together to identify resources needed such as:

Veterans Benefits
Counseling Services
Housing - Employment
Education - Legal
and finally, Camaraderie.


It is forged through the trials, tribulations and history we share. It binds us together in a way that cannot be explained. It is what most veterans will tell you they miss most about their time in uniform.
Team Fidelis honors that kinship in every facet of what we do; as we mentioned it defies explanation but we challenge you to join us and experience it for yourself. As a member of TF, you will understand what we mean when we say, Together We Are Fierce.

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Our Mission

is to prevent suicide among service members, veterans and families by raising Awareness, providing a bridge of Hope and building Camaraderie.

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